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The Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London is a one-day interactive conference at the British Academy in the center of London discussing the latest insights and lessons learned from the digital transformation of the organization.

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The Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT moves beyond social & cultural change discussions!

We have been thinking about the scope of the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT for quite some time. For a while now our beloved expert community has been telling us that “Social” has moved on, the “Enterprise 2.0” term is “dead” and that our conference heading doesn’t match the general “zeitgeist” of the current business landscape. We have argued against change, both because of the name recognition our event has in the community and because not every organisation is at the leading edge of change. However, in today’s disruptive business climate, every organisation's business model is under threat and we are no different. It’s time to re-adjust. It’s time to change our name!The question is where are we heading to? What is the best way of explaining the projects and programs of today and tomorrow? Everybody is talking about “Digital Transformation”, but this is a term describing the transition a business needs to make from a legacy approach to a new way of thinking. Indeed “digital transformation” is not an end in itself, but an ongoing process that won’t be complete for most organisations anytime soon, so that isn’t the right title for our SUMMIT.

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The State of Digital Transformation in 2015

The theme of the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT in Paris next week is “Designing the Digital Transformation”. This title is not a randomly chosen title. The agenda and various tracks are set-up to create a thorough guide through the Digital Transformation that we believe is at hand.We think this is the next logical step in the Enterprise 2.0 journey and that the digital transformation demands changes now!

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Specifities for the organizational development in the digital tranformation job

In the preparation of E20 SUMMIT I rediscovered a good reading in a handbook for organizational development about the competences of OD (organizational development) practitioners by Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge. Though written in 2010 the handbook essentially scopes the challenges of the OD task from a classical understanding of a one-stop change intervention in the organization. It’s not related to the usage of social technology neither as impetus nor as enabler and supporter for change.Still the writing lists very nicely the basic skills needed for a successful organizational development:

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Microsoft Drives Digital Transformation

We are happy to have Microsoft as one of our main sponsors for the event. It shows that one of the biggest brands on our desktop is as devoted to Enterprise 2.0 as we are.Historically Microsoft is a software company, providing a complete software solutions for business and home (operating systems and productivity tools, as well as many other forms of software such as games). Now they are moving into the services realm, using their software to support the service.

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